Profit by...

• The Right Attitude
• Delivering Extraordinary Service
• Visualizing Desired Outcome
• Referrals & Building Relationships

What message do you want your company to communicate?


• Basic manners and politeness with internal & external clients

• The ability to access their positive energy at all times

• Extraordinary service delivered at all times

• Relationship building including bonding with Clients/Customers

• Appreciating customers/clients to the fullest

• Giving Staff ownership in handling challenges with clients

• Overhaul Customer Service &​​ Attitude Challenges 

• Referral Program that works & Return on Your Investment

• We teach your team how to truly love customers & show passion for your services and products

• You will be Rewarded!


• Customer loyalty and the lifetime value of a customer can be worth up to ten times as much as the price of a single purchase

Showing your customers you care should be natural! The effect that every team member and every department plays in everything your company stands for is critical.​​​

Do you already understand the need that extraordinary service is critical and by going back to basics​ = PROFITABILITY?

Why do customers leave?
• 68% upset with the treatment they’ve received
• 14% dissatisfied with product or service
• 9% begin doing business with the competition
• 5% seek alternatives or develop other business relationships
• 3% move away
• 1% die
Customer loyalty and the lifetime value of a customer can be worth up to ten times as much as the price of a single purchase.
For every complaint a business receives, there are approximately 26 other customers with unresolved complaints or problems.
A dissatisfied customer will tell up to ten people about his/her experience. Thirteen percent of those unhappy customers will tell up to 20 people!
(Source: U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Whether your team is great and may just need a refresher course, motivation and tips in furthering their success, or whether they need in-depth training and consulting...We are here to serve you!

We'll customize whatever you need. Not sure what you need? 

We know your time is valuable and respect that. In just 1 simple interview we can help you ascertain the best direction for your company.

What message do you want your company to communicate? 

​Does your team know how to 'Leave their customers excited to do business with them & send them ongoing referrals'?



Customers are appalled at the lack 

of common courtesy & general manners.

Customers are banning together to pull their business from companies.

Understanding the impact on tone of voice & the most powerful words a customer will hear.

Do you give your staff ownership?

How do they handle complaints?

'Please, Thank you & I'm Sorry'

 'We are so sorry for the inconvenience'

 'We really appreciate your business & look forward to serving you again"



This all sounds so simple right? Situations

 can be diffused so easily and regardless of        mistakes, customers leave happy.

Attitude & Awareness are critical factors to success in business.

When your team is happy & knowledgeable, well versed on 'Delivering Extraordinary Service'  & 'Accessing their Positive Attitude' everyone wins! Customers/Clients are living proof. When people are unhappy, they often hate their jobs and the clients they serve. Everything becomes a chore with a bad attitude. Ever notice some companies seem to forgot who actually pays their salary? Often times salaried employees who have never been on commission are clueless to being part of a team and doing 'whatever it takes to get the job done'. 

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Speaking, Training & Consulting...​

​Bringing groups & individuals together and rebuilding.

Our dream team is based in Northern California. We'll work with you & determine the best way to deliver your message.

Whether we speak, train or consult at your organization we will always start with:

• An interview via phone,  Skype or face to face meeting

• Interview Team Players on different levels

• In-depth Assessment & Overview of Challenges

• Address Specific Needs

• Assessments

• Recommendations

• Solutions

• Customization  

• Return on Investment