It is so invigorating to receive advice quickly and directly for your immediate needs.



Assessments & Advice...painless, thought provoking, understanding & learning
= Results. We help you quickly & easily via phone, Skpye, Text, email or
face to face.


"Once in a great while, you come across a life force that feels so grounded, honest & smart that you go to this person for advice others are not able to provide.  Lori Harvey is the immediate go-to person for anyone who needs unvarnished advice as life's upsets, joys and concerns creep in.  I think her near clairvoyance is evident in all her interactions with those she helps. 

She is so centered and principled, that she only needs to access this place of goodness & strength to identify the underlying salient issues.  She can't be fooled and won't sugar coat - yet couches all she says in concern and love.  Individuals who would prefer to be surrounded with "yes people," won't seek out her guidance.  Those of us, however, who want to understand and grow, will.  From a male's perspective, she rocks!  So able to clear the fog and look beyond the obvious to what really makes us all tick. 

She comes up with questions that draw out responses that shine true light on what is really important - which are often very different from what one initially feels is the issue.  She doesn't deal with the symptoms so much, she digs deeper and then accesses humanity to trigger a watershed moment when all is seen from an entirely different perspective. 

With this new perspective, she suggests specific actions to take to move past barriers so one can move away from unhealthy behaviors and situations and to then move toward joy, accomplishments and healthy relationships. Lori is that one-in-a-million who has the gift to touch anyone she councils to live an invigorated, fulfilled, and empowered life. She will not help you to just get through situations, she'll give you the specific thoughts and perspective to THRIVE!!!"  David ​​

From a male's perspective, Lori Harvey rocks!

      You can now call in for advice
on relationship and general life issues.​​

The world has changed dramatically in how we meet people, develop relationships & interact online. What hasn't changed are the 'Basics' of solid & fulfilling communication.  Believe it or not, it's fairly simple. Guys operate & think differently. They often struggle with sharing their feelings and understanding of how to pursue or keep a relationship emotionally vibrant.  

Guys, we're here to help you really understand, simply & easily what most women need & want. 

"Finally, someone who makes it simple & easy to understand how to communicate in challenging situations. I love being able to get word for word advice on what to say on a phone call, letter or meeting. Even though I'm a successful businessman there are still things that throw me for a loop".

​​'Guy Talk Live' started out to be fun advice calls for both men & women. 
It was such a hit that we created a business out of it.
And guess what, it's still fun!!!
Isn't it time we met?