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Unsure about the direction you want to go in or need help implementing a plan?

Lori offers an introductory 2-4 hour consultation to help you consider options, possibilities and desired results pertaining to your home and personal life.

Services: Services

Need help managing your home? As a comprehensive household manager I manage day-to-day projects, repairs, remodels, construction and landscape projects. Additional services include home and office organization, household expense management, staff training and vendor management.

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Virtual Team Meeting

I provide services that make your life easier, including: bill pay, filing and records management, event planning and execution, vehicle maintenance and calendar management.

In-depth organizing for your entire home that is tailored to how you function and your lifestyle.

I organize your home office for efficiency, transform your garage, or prepare for a move.

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Gardening Together

I advocate for my client's well being, providing clear and consistent communication with family, caregiver(s) and therapeutic teams. 

I proactively manage home upkeep and repairs, manage calendars and appointments and assist with the downsizing and relocation process. 

Services: Services
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