We hired Lori as a speaker for the Mini MBA Graduating Class. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. Lori gave a great speech for the Women's Initiative. It was inspiring and creative, as well as motivational.

Andrea Rothman, Small Business Trainer/Consultant at Women's Initiative for Self Employment

'Lori created & facilitated educational seminars for business students

& trainers for American Society of Training and Development.


Her 'Presentation Skills' course was a valuable contribution. We enjoyed working with her & her generous time and efforts provided valuable information and a positive role model for the participants.


​Suzanne M. Look

VP Professional Development​​

Lori really opened my eyes to so many things in my work environment. I have a much better understanding how to determine solutions & situations instantly to challenges that arise with customers.

​Learning to take into consideration 'how the customer is feeling' and to do my best to 'make this customer happy' is significant.

I've  learned about the importance of a solid, heartwarming handshake & how much of an impact body language plays.

Knowing how to have the 'Right Attitude' and how critical it is to stay positive has made a huge difference.  


Kaitlyn, Valley Oak Appliances, Elk Grove, CA

Lori has what it takes to change lives and bring hope to others’.​

Susan Miller, Owner of Foodscapes of Marin​​

PSOC Convention for

Service Owner's  

Great class! It reinforced the 'Power of Positive Attitudes' and ways to reach your comfort zone. CE, Owner


Thank you Lori! Really fun program & helped me realize how blessed I am.

Burt Miller, Owner


Loved the idea of the 'Customer Retention Program. TH, Owner


​Learned to 'Take a Break & Relax' as an owner that's important. Chuck Hepburn, Owner

Dear Lori,
The 'Best Class' at our conference was the last! Yours!
I realized that the most important thing one can learn is to control ones attitude which gives you control over your success.
You really made me think and see opportunity in adversity and how one can create great thoughts that generates a new attitude.
Thank you for this life changing course and profit raising advice.  
Alexandra Harris, Owner of High Tech TV & Repair
Palm Desert, CA

Liked the reinforcement about the customer 'You are the most important person to me right now'.

Great idea about auto signature on emails, so we are not sending out a 'blank business card'.

Really appreciated the way you taught us how to start a referral program & how to ask for referrals!


Jerry & Lorraine Reinhart, Owners, Appliance Service Today. Flagstaf, Arizona

Lori's class really made me aware of how much my own/other's attitudes & body language can affect everyone.
By learning to always think positive, smiling on the phone & in person I've realized that it can change situations positively in a brand new direction.
Showing the customer how important they are to me & turning a 'negative' into a positive was also enlightening. 
Great class, thank you Lori! VOA

It was wonderful to learn how to deal with 'problem customers', proper greeting habits & steps to make the customers feel comfortable. 

I now understand how to engage every customer, listen attentively & keep clears the lines of communication open. Great training Lori. Thank you!

Having already taken Lori's course and as the owner of a successful business I brought her training course into my employees & it was quite a hit.

Sales have increased, employees learned a lot, customer retention is at an all time high. I was able to touch up on my own skills that I already have. Learning more patience over all & taking more time to spend with my family were added benefits of taking this course again. I look forward to having her teach us other business courses.  Thank you Lori!  Tim Hawkins

You're awesome!!!


Making it so easy to lay out my goals for this year. Your wise & intuitive advice is so valuable.


Loved the incredible visualization you created for our class. I really appreciate it!! :)


Jyl of  All Trades

Lori, You had the best class at our convention. You managed to reach out to each individual and make them feel important. The mirror work & role playing was eye opening to learn how we can really offer first class service to our customers, be better managers & company owners. Walking around our class making eye contact with every single individual, you taught us the importance of' eye contact & body language' which was amazing.  Teaching us the incredible value of positive affirmations & the effect it will have not only on us but also everyone we come into contact with will most definitely have a substantial impact on  increased business. The meditation you created for our group was very powerful!

Stephen Browne, Owner Lemon Grove, CA​

​Lori empowered me in ways that I never dreamed possible.  I fought daily challenges in moving forward in critical areas of my life. In just one '3' hour session, Lori was able to get to the root of what I was struggling with both personally and professionally.  She quickly ascertained that old childhood beliefs were still causing major destruction in my adult life. 

An intense interview, consult & fabulous customized visualization changed my life both personally and professionally. Her keen intuition, direct  questioning, and ability to read body language allowed us to cut to the chase and focus on what change would actually look like for me. Her follow up consultations were invaluable in my progression. Signed 'Fan for Life' LAH

Presentation Skills Course, Audience Testimonials:  

• 'I appreciate the focus on my uniqueness & how to position myself as one of a kind. Excellent handouts & book referrals'

• 'It was very interesting to realize how much self-awareness is needed in order to give a polished presentation'

• 'Lori did a great job of opening my mind to the secrets of presenting passionate talks'

• 'Great self discovery exercise. Putting your passion into your delivery is crucial. Thanks for emphasizing that.

• 'Lori displays polished professional speaking skills that engage her audience and promotes enthusiasm & participation'

• 'Very personalized workshop. Helpful tips and informative information'

• 'Lori brought a lot of passion & excitement to her talk. It is obvious that she loves what she does'

• I'I appreciate Lori's dynamic presence. I got several new ideas for things to try from her'

• 'Had a great time learning more about myself...who I am and what I want to do with my life'       


• American Society of Training and Development

  Golden Gate Chapter, Northern California


I am proud of you Lori. After your presentation at Dominican University, I am sure everyone can have the right attitude to any challenges in life. 
 Juli Bustinza owner JB 25


​The most important things I learned from the 'Right Attitude & Delivering Extraordinary Service' workshop was that I continuously need to work on my 'listening skills' and not get 'too technical'.

Lori's ideas about working with a partner/co-worker to get feedback are really working. Thanks to everything she taught us, I now take a couple of minutes before greeting the customer to remind myself of the topics covered for 'customer service and interaction'.

Reviewing her training materials  frequently on 'How to be a Superstar'  has changed my entire approach.  I recommend you take this course to Orchard Supply, their service was almost non existent last time I was there. Excellent class!

Technical Appliance Installer.

I enjoyed everything about the visualization you created specifically for our class Lori, from the beginning to the end. The guided visualization was absolutely amazing!
I especially liked the part when I imagined that all my personal and business goals were achieved and I had a lot of money in the bank! Wow, my heart really connected with that part of the visualization, it felt so real.

It really inspired me to keep moving forward with my goals and achieve everything I propose to myself.  This visualization is really a powerful tool.

I'm hoping you'll bring this to my favorite bookstore. This is exactly the type of thing that they love to offer to their customers. Thank you so much Lori!!!  
Nancy Mata

'Lori,  Your consultations & the profound visualization that you created for me has changed my life dramatically in so many positive ways & I am so grateful to you. ​ Even though I am a skilled therapist, I was struggling with some fairly serious issues. You believed in me & showed me how to tap into my inner guidance system for incredibly powerful results.  

I am getting close to completing all the requirements to be evaluated as a Medical provider for additional counties. Once that takes place, I will instantly become a recommended provider  with potential partnerships. These privileges are not easy to get and I am eternally grateful to you.

I now have have  a steady stream of new clients & income because you showed me how to get what I needed. You taught me how to put much more of a positive spin on my thoughts with affirmations and  how to create a high end referral system both internally & externally.

Thank you for  giving me the tools to change my life both personally & professionally! Accepting me into your elite program as a retainer client has been a tremendous blessing. Being able to email, call, text  & meet with you regularly for  advice has been invaluable and contributed to my success. Therapy Associates, VOC LMB

I received a consultation from Lori Harvey in July 2012 because she said she could increase my business revenues and help me negotiate better contracts.

She started by asking me to recognize my leadership skills, to honour my creative talents and to recognize my personal boundaries in relationships. She did this by leading me through an hour-long process in which she drew out statements from me by asking simple and pertinent questions. I felt at ease to answer and the process was enjoyable.

She then took my answers and constructed from them a visualization that was based entirely on my own words. She then prepared a beautiful presentation of the visualization and an MP3 recording for me to continue to work on in my own time.

As I looked at the presentation I found it hard to believe that I had actually said such bold and confident things.  What I saw in print I now understood were my inner capacities, skillsets and values. It took a couple of weeks of reading the visualization every day, morning and night, to actually trust what I had said.  As I began to settle with it, I realized that it did in fact express the deeper truths of my life. I noticed I started to believe that my ambitions are important, and achievable, because they express the authentic purpose of my life.

The extent to which negative attitudes had been internalized and limiting me had been going on for years. Those self-limiting attitudes simply no longer have quite the same grip on me now as it’s hard to believe the illusion of ‘put downs’ and ‘negative self talk’ when you can see it for what it is.

Instead I now use the visualization that Lori Harvey created for me as a tool to build what I know to be authentic and true into my ambitions and goals for my life. Thank you Lori! AG, London UK

'Excellence In Service Course' Medical Practice

This is a recommendation letter for Ms. Lori Harvey, president of Attitude. She conducted training with our support staff. We had a very devoted staff and wanted to take a proactive stance on improving their performance by refining their strongest capabilities and improving any weaknesses.

Ms. Harvey consulted with us, observed our staff, determined strengths and weaknesses and formulated a training program specifically for us. She also primed our staff prior to the training by having them fill out a customized survey. The survey provided something to think about prior to the training and prepared the staff for active participation.

Ms. Harvey created a program emphasizing good positive attitude and the absolute need for excellent customer service and was able to motivate our staff. Our staff benefited greatly from the training they received and were able to make positive changes in our office.

I recommend Ms. Harvey to you and am confident you will receive a superior, motivational and educational 'Excellence in Customer Service' seminar. Sincerely, John K. Geisse, MD Solano Dermatology

'​Lori is smart, quick, passionate, intuitive, infectiously positive and generous of her time and spirit. What a gift to be able to receive her wisdom, embody it and then have her voice remain as a coach to cheer me on when I need to be reminded that everything Indeed is right inside of me. Her work helped be make decisions I had been struggling to make and take action to move forward in my life and work'. Thank you! Joey M.


First I want to thank you on behalf of PSOC and its members. When we start planning our annual convention we have to consider the best business and technical seminars that have a potential to draw participation.

You came highly recommended by a mutual friend. For me its like bragging about a restaurant and then people walk away thinking what was that. However based on the our talented friend you were in.

Lori, I walked away with some of the best nutrition my brain has had in a long time.Your seminar was everything it was billed to do and more. You provided the attendees food for thought and expanded their thinking beyond their self imposed barriers. I believe they walked away with a new attitude toward what customer service is really about. In most cases people are fired up at convention. I've had conversations with many of the business owners that attended your seminar & 6 months later they are still talking about it.

Lori, you exceeded our expectations and our customers will benefit in the future. We look forward to you being present at our 58th annual convention at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park.


Eloy Fierro
PSOC President.




As past President of several Professional Service Organizations, your training on 'Delivering Extraordinary Service & having The Right Attitude' was refreshing, enjoyable & right on for the needs of our conference attendees! It brought me back to the old days where common courtesy was mostly a way of life.


You touched everyone deeply by sharing practical knowledge & skills that not only increased sales but opened up so many new potential business avenues. The audience learned that by having 'The Right Attitude' at all times, everything in their business & personal life flows so much better. The 'experiential' way in which you taught allowed for 'real life learning experiences'.


Thank you so much & we look forward to hearing you speak at our next upcoming conferences, both in the Mid-West & Southern California Conferences.  Don Irwin, AKA 'Mr. Nice Guy'

Lori's work transformed my practice. I wasn't clicking very well in my business--too much training, too little integration. I was saying things that didn't communicate clarity to my clients and omitting things because I didn't understand my clients' needs very well.


Lori taught me how to tap into my intuition and all of a sudden I can "turn on a dime" with another person and tune in to what they need and give them that. People notice; they say I've changed.


I'm working with Lori to do that better, polishing the rough edges you might say. She ascertained my issues quickly and was able to dig deep, allowing me to also do the same leading to an amazing transformation in my personal life and in my practice.


 LPG - Health Practioner

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.