Passion runs deep at 'The Right Attitude' knowing  that by helping others succeed on a deep level both personally and professionally that it is making a profound difference in our world today!

We believe that it is healthiest & best on all levels to operate out of integrity in all areas of life. Do everything as if you are a role model both personally & professionally.​  (For that reason we do not accept all clients if their philosophy does not meet ours).​

A willingness to be open and accept training, coaching and consulting as 'experiential' as a group or individual will reap maximum benefits and rewards beyond your wildest dreams and expectations.


We are confident that companies who have tried to get their employees to change their attitude or deliver world class service in the past but haven't been successful will definitely be rewarded when our company works with you.

Lori's philosophy is order to change on the outside, one must have a thorough understanding of learning to practice from the inside.

While the founder has studied personal growth, psychology and therapy in all levels of life and how it affects ones personal and professional life, she makes no claims that she is in any way a psychologist or a therapist.


Some people dream of success. We make it happen.


“We work hard to earn your business. Isn't it time we met?

​​Lori's passion for delivering 'Extraordinary World Class Service' & having 'The Right Attitude' developed early on in the hospitality arena while serving passengers on international cruise ships after college. She was rewarded for her outstanding service & earned enough money to purchase her first home at the age of 23.

With her passion for service underway, she decided to try her hand at sales and soon became the top sales executive of the United States for Computer Associates obtaining 147% of quota. She learned that by developing & executing a dynamic training program, profits increased significantly for her clients, company and dealers. She educated teams on accomplishing their goals, delivering extraordinary service, creating win-win negotiations and sales promotions for success.


Later, a highly sought after Real Estate adviser and luxury marketing specialist she again delighted her clients with her intuitive consulting skills. It's a very intimate process when advising clients and helping them make multi-million dollar decisions. By educating clients during the process & using 'forward thinking' they have a thorough understanding of their involvement and the importance of a win-win transaction.

Lori's passion for speaking to audiences, consulting, building relationships with clients and teaching other's to do the same is a dream come true . It's a 'home run' knowing that she is helping other's become the best they can be!

Her mission in life is to make a shift in our world's consciousness so they can access their 'Positive Attitude' and understand  how to 'Deliver Extraordinary Service'.


 Founder and Principal

           UC Berkeley Certified

'Training & Development'

American Society of

Training & Development   

National Speakers Association

Sales, Marketing, Training, Speaking Consultant & Coaching Guru


Lori Harvey