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Words from satisfied clients of The Right Attitude

Leslie H.

Lori managed the organization of every square inch of my 5k sq. ft. home on 2 acres, with such commitment, thought, and efficiency. 19 years of living there and raising my family, I ‘thought’ it was organized. That was until Lori walked in the door for a consultation knowing I was getting ready to sell it. Her assessment of every detail and the ultimate goals were spot on.

She chose to start in my office first as it was the core of what she said would enable me to move forward. My husband had previously...

Marjy K.

Need a great Home Organizer/Planner/Project Manager? Look no further, I’m recommending Lori Harvey. I recently worked with Lori to help me downsize and move from my large family home of 30 years. I had to move in a short period of time. Her advice and hands-on skills were invaluable to me. Her sage guidance, ‘If it makes your heart sing, keep it, otherwise let it go’ was excellent. Her efficiency and optimism during the process allowed me to be ahead of the game. I was 100% ready for the realtors, stagers, and movers. She then helped me unpack and arrange my kitchen, which was a great stress reliever. I got her name from a friend and I’m glad I did . Kudos to Lori The Right Attitude!

David F.

As a Personal Assistant, Lori’s flexibility to roll with the unexpected, willingness to work odd hours, understanding of business, deadlines & superior customer service provided me with the support I needed to be successful & focus on my business. Her positive attitude, patience, listening skills & research helped me conquer details of my life that were overwhelming with my busy schedule. She always inspired me with her creative ideas & displayed complete professionalism with my clients.


My husband and I had the good fortune to begin working with Lori Harvey a couple of years ago, just as we were starting to settle into our newly built second home in Tiburon. Our son and his wife had hired Lori and that family was her primary employer, but we were beneficiaries too.

Lori was helpful to us in myriad ways... She always anticipated what was needed before we arrived from Minnesota and, after checking to verify whether or not we wanted something done (such as getting the windows washed), she accomplished it...

Bill R.

Lori, you are invaluable to me. I could not have done this job without you. And I am forever grateful to you.

After working with Lori for 10 months during which she packed up my house, moved me out of state and managed a complete home remodel, I appreciate her work ethic and take-ownership attitude across all situations. It has given me a great sense of peace when I am busy and far away.

Lori is detail-oriented and one of the best problem solvers I have worked with ranging from her ability to research, vet and hire contractors to her ability to engage with county/city department heads for permit issues, local neighbors and everyone in between...

Victoria H.

Lori was an enormous help to me over the years. Everything from orchestrating important events of intimate dinner parties to monumental celebrations - handling every detail from start to finish, real estate & remodeling advice, household management & organizing 3 of our homes. We flew her to Hawaii to manage an investment property rehab. Her advice was invaluable in making a profit, dealing with the contractors, deciding on the floor plan, landscaping and later helping chose the realtor. I only wished I’d hired her from the start.

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Productive. Proficient. Professional.

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