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Services for Seniors


I have the ability to connect with and provide senior's assistant services which requires patience, care and proactiveness

Services I provide:

  • Advocacy

    • Prioritize client’s best interests above all else with a focus on respect and understanding

  • Communications 

    • A focus on clear, consistent and comprehensive communications with family and therapeutic team members

  • Organization

    • Organize, sort and downsize seniors’ homes 

  • Decision-making

    • Assistance and guidance through the decision-making process of letting go of personal belongings. Sorting items for donation, consignment, gifting and recycling  ​​

  • Daily Needs Management: 

    • Proactively manage daily needs, including provision of healthy meals, online or local shopping

    • Companionship and general support of seniors’ needs

  • Appointment and Calendar Management

    • Schedule and coordinate all appointments

    • Drive and accompany to appointments as required and/or desired  

  • Home & Garden Care

    • Manage home and garden care, including household repairs and maintenance

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

When we hired Lori as a Live-in Companion/Personal Assistant for our mother (a stroke victim who is fully functional physically but has suffered short-term memory loss). Her job was to assist in all aspects of our mother’s life and to be part of the medical and therapeutic team guiding her back to self-sufficiency. This was not an easy assignment.

Lori proved to be incredibly hardworking, reliable, honest, and devoted. She cared deeply about our mother and about achieving the goals that had been set out for her. She is very organized, efficient and is great at multi-tasking. She is attentive to detail and to punctuality, which was very important to us.

The scope of her responsibilities was wide-ranging, from organizing social engagements, handling medications, supervising home repairs and organization, driving throughout the Peninsula and San Francisco, arranging and attending medical appointments and sleep clinics, arranging and accompanying our mother to classes & on-going critical observation, reporting to family members, and more.  

Lori is creative, always looking for new ways to approach things and challenging “the way things have always been done”. She was not afraid to offer suggestions when she thought things could be done differently and better.  We always appreciated her input and ideas.She is also an excellent oral and written communicator and is completely comfortable using today’s technology (smartphones, computers, social media). She helped our mother resume her use of her iPad for calendaring, chronicling and social media.  She also communicated regularly and effectively with family members through email and texting.

Faced with a difficult assignment, Lori never gave up. She exhibited an outstanding work ethic and loyalty.  We are extremely grateful for all she did for our mother.

AS, SS & JS Family

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