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Testimonials from satisfied clients

I have worked with Lori and her clients on numerous remodeling projects. Allow me to recommend Lori to you emphatically and unreservedly…in addition to being about as great a facilitator as I can imagine, she is also just a thoroughgoing pleasure to know.

Lori is thorough, detail-oriented, and able to see the big picture. Her management skills, knowledge of building client relationships, and beautiful homes are undeniable. Lori has the ability to trouble-shoot properties, understand budgets & spreadsheets, figure out what people need as well as preparing the clients & me of expectations.

With every project we’ve worked together on I can always count on her to be a great team member and know that she will go to great lengths to make sure that everyone’s needs are met, clients are satisfied, and received a beautiful finished project!

- Dermot W. Licensed General Contractor

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Lori managed the organization of every square inch of my 5k sq. ft. home on 2 acres, with such commitment, thought, and efficiency. 19 years of living there & raising my family, I ‘thought’ it was organized. That was until Lori walked in the door for a consultation knowing I was getting ready to sell it. Her assessment of every detail and the ultimate goals were spot on.

She chose to start in my office first as it was the core of what she said would enable me to move forward. My husband had previously handled every detail, however, I unexpectedly found myself as a widow and had no idea where anything was. Six months after Lori completed everything, I could call her and she was able to direct me to find every single file or piece of paperwork needed for CPA & the sale of my home.

Tearing my house apart from top to bottom, Lori used that time to train my other organizers and housekeepers how to truly organize. I have never seen anyone attack major organizational projects in the way she did. Expedient, always checking in with me to make sure it suited how I functioned, labeling everything and suggesting creative ideas for tremendous functional ability.  

She organized movers making sure every box was properly labeled and diligently getting my approval to toss and donate what we no longer needed. Her sensitivity to my feelings while maintaining a delicate balance suggesting I ‘let go’ of items that no longer served a purpose was extremely helpful.

She just completed organizing my office in my new home. I am so happy I can find every single item I need. Managing the organization of both my homes with such competence, ease, grace and efficiency I give Lori the highest praise and recommendation possible!  

- Leslie H.

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My husband and I had the good fortune to begin working with Lori Harvey a couple of years ago, just as we were starting to settle into our newly built second home in Tiburon. Our son and his wife had hired Lori and that family was her primary employer, but we were beneficiaries too.

Lori was helpful to us in myriad ways... She always anticipated what was needed before we arrived from Minnesota and, after checking to verify whether or not we wanted something done (such as getting the windows washed), she accomplished it. When we got here there were always flowers on tabletops, and any groceries we needed were in the pantry.

She has a stable network of reliable vendors with whom she has worked for years to draw from when something is needed. We knew no one when we arrived, and she took care of getting those needs met promptly and efficiently and making sure we had the information for future use.

She always made sure our electronic systems were online and ready to go by the time we arrived, coordinating where necessary with our computer consultant in Minnesota. She identified problems with a buzzing refrigerator leaking ice, and a recalcitrant dishwasher and had them fixed within warranty without involving us.

My husband had said he had wished we’d known Lori prior to building our home here as she would have been the ideal Owner’s Representative. She constantly noticed home emergencies and building deficiencies that no one else did, instantly alerting us to these issues and then working to immediately resolve them – problems such as faulty emergency leak detector warnings, door lock and alarm systems, and missing outlets where they were normally expected to be installed. She made sure every detail was attended to, monitored the quality of work, and kept us in the loop.

She is a tireless worker and is flexible in adapting to clients’ changing needs. She communicates clearly and thoroughly; she wants to make sure she understands precisely what they need so she can deliver 100%. She is a closed-loop manager.

She is trustworthy, a person of her word. She does not need to be reminded about tasks. She keeps very good notes and organizes her time to get things done on time and on budget.

We found Lori to be consistently pleasant to work with, loyal, and confidential about our lives and dedicated to our having a stress-free time enjoying our new home and geography.  

- P. G.

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I feel so fortunate to have found Lori.  After years of wanting to organize my kitchen and other rooms and get rid of clutter, Lori has been the catalyst for that.  She is quick, efficient, works with me to sort through what to keep or not keep, and has a way of reorganizing that results in an easier way for me to find things and enjoy my surroundings. Since she has "done her magic", I have kept everything organized and neat and say a silent thank-you to her almost every time I am in one of the rooms that she has touched.

- Louise K. 

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Her desire to help others makes her a joy to be around. Lori is personable, friendly & it is obvious she truly cares about her clients & their families. The ease & efficiency in which she runs a home is phenomenal.

- Julia M. 

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Need a great Home Organizer/Planner/Project Manager? Look no further, I’m recommending Lori Harvey. I recently worked with Lori to help me downsize and move from my large family home of 30 years. I had to move in a short period of time. Her advice and hands-on skills were invaluable to me. Her sage guidance, ‘If it makes your heart sing, keep it, otherwise let it go’ was excellent. Her efficiency and optimism during the process allowed me to be ahead of the game. I was 100% ready for the realtors, stagers, and movers. She then helped me unpack and arrange my kitchen, which was a great stress reliever. I got her name from a friend and I’m glad I did . Kudos to Lori The Right Attitude!

- Marjy K.

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Lori where she was the Project Manager for a home that needed a lot of work and the owner didn't know where to begin. Lori came in, and within 2 hours, assessing exactly what inspection reports were needed and the types of professionals to contact. Her leadership skills, real estate experience, resources, and project management capabilities were invaluable and allowed for this project to get underway while giving the property owner well-needed direction. If you have home organization projects that need specialized attention, I highly recommend Lori!
- Susan A.

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As a Personal Assistant, Lori’s flexibility to roll with the unexpected, willingness to work odd hours, understanding of business, deadlines & superior customer service provided me with the support I needed to be successful & focus on my business. Her positive attitude, patience, listening skills & research helped me conquer details of my life that were overwhelming with my busy schedule. She always inspired me with her creative ideas & displayed complete professionalism with my clients.

- David F.

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Lori was an enormous help to me over the years. Everything from orchestrating important events of intimate dinner parties to monumental celebrations - handling every detail from start to finish, real estate & remodeling advice, household management & organizing 3 of our homes. We flew her to Hawaii to manage an investment property rehab. Her advice was invaluable in making a profit, dealing with the contractors, deciding on the floor plan, landscaping and later helping chose the realtor. I only wished I’d hired her from the start. 

She was instrumental in the decision-making process when we decided to rent out our Tiburon home and move to our vacation property. She managed & organized 8K square feet of our combined homes, even handling wedding gifts still in their original packages from 25 years ago. She referred us to a Luxury Marketing Rental specialist and oversaw all rental details making sure we got top dollar.  

- Victoria H.

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This house was never this clean and organized until you started working here. Thank you for teaching me so much! You made everything beautiful & I will miss you!

- Maria G., Housekeeper

It is our pleasure to express what an amazing experience we had in hiring Lori as our Personal Family Assistant, Household Manager, and Childcare extraordinaire.
She is one of the most honest, hard-working people we've ever come across, and always goes above and beyond the call of duty as proven when we leave her in charge of our 8 children, our home & all their activities. Our children absolutely adore her!
We have incredible confidence in her ability to multi-task on a wide range of responsibilities from child care, running our entire home/property, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and organizing.  
There seems to be no limit to her talents. She is very intelligent, and problem- solves like no other. Her loyalty, work ethic and business sense is only a small portion of her talents. In a word, Lori Harvey is a treasure!

- Maria K.

Lori, you are invaluable to me. I could not have done this job without you. And I am forever grateful to you.

After working with Lori for 10 months during which she packed up my house, moved me out of state and managed a complete home remodel, I appreciate her work ethic and take-ownership attitude across all situations. It has given me a great sense of peace when I am busy and far away.

She is detail-oriented and one of the best problem solvers I have worked with ranging from her ability to research, vet and hire contractors to her ability to engage with county/city department heads for permit issues, local neighbors and everyone in between. Even the electrician on the project stopped a meeting and said how grateful he was to Lori for raising important points that saved the project time and aggravation.

Her competence in making purchasing decisions and home decor design decisions has saved me money and provided an upscale look to the remodel. I have been able to lean on Lori’s competency, compassion and knowledge from afar and could not have done this project without her on my team

- Bill R.

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